Lumine Yoü

Donna Weber, Life Coach

Dallas, Texas


Branding and website for life coach


Donna Weber, a life coach with an inspiring vision, approached us to design the brand identity and website of her new venture. She wanted her brand to symbolize light, guiding her clients toward their next steps in life. After an intensive brainstorming session, we chose the name “Lumine Yoü.” “I” with a single dot and “ü” with two dots symbolize the interconnected journey of the coach and the client. Donna wanted to focus on the client – the ‘you’ in the equation. To encapsulate this ethos, we opted for a cursive font that gives a sense of forward momentum. The final brand mark design beautifully embodies Donna’s vision of illuminating the path for her clients, creating a powerful visual representation of her life coaching philosophy.


  • Brand Identity
  • Logo
  • Website Design
  • Animation

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